Our confectionery, located near the Opera, is a popular tourist attraction, as its listed building and its neo-baroque furnishings, protected by industrial art, fit perfectly among the buildings with a long history in the area. The elegant interior was once frequented by artists such as János Pilinszky, but according to some legends, the members of Nirvana also paid their respects in 1989. Anthony Hopkins also visited us with his wife many times when he was filming in Budapest.

Our regular guests and celebrities who often stop by for the features of the place and the pleasure of the coffee (without the need for completeness):

Koncz Zsuzsa
Makány Márta (fashion designer)
Varnus Xavér
Garas Dezső
Szombathy Gyula
Verebes István
Sas József
Rudolf Péter
Till Attila
Deutsch Tamás
Szelba Krisztián (Cooky)
Nacsa Olivér
DJ Dominik

“Victims” to the temptation of our cakes and exclusive food specialties:

Miklósa Erika – Cheesecake, salad variations
Lorán Lenke – Poppy, walnut and chestnut beigli
Eszenyi Enikő – Esterházy-cake
Dobó Kata – Punch cake
Xantus Barbara – Chestnut-cherry boat
Falusi Mariann – Sandwich variations
Máthé Krisztina – Sundae
Zséda – Double hazelnut slice
Tolvai Renáta – Salty snacks
Muri Enikő – Punch cake
Anthony Hopkins – During his filming in BP, he was a regular guest of ours and tasted several cakes
Friderikusz Sándor – Somló dumpling
Mága Zoltán – Chestnut-cherry boat
Palik László – Double hazelnut slice
Boros Lajos – Somló dumpling
Maros Gábor – Dobos cake
Rózsa György – Somló dumpling
Nemcsák Károly – Homemade creme
Szelba Krisztián (Cooky) – Dobos cake
Fásy Ádám – Sundae
Király Viktor – Dobos cake

You can find us at

1061 Budapest, Andrássy str. 29.


+36 (70) 333-2116
+36 1 343 3544

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Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday:  9:00 - 20:00
Sunday & Holidays:
9:00 - 20:00

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