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A couple of buffet buses and make-up vans at the beginning of Andrássy street already indicate that we can expect a different Tuesday morning at the Művész: a violent group of tourists – who had already seen the interior of the long-established cafe in a guide book – were allowed in by the staff to look around, but a few hours later an elderly English couple is already trying in vain and just looking at the sign “Closed for Filming” in confusion. HBO’s series called “Board Game” is made here.

Sweet life in Budapest
“The Művész Café and Bistro on Andrássy street also evokes the atmosphere of peaceful coffee houses and pastry shops. (By the way, the confectionary in question also has a counterpart in Buda, at Szent Orbán sqr. 6., and they will soon open their third store, also located on Andrássy street.) The place near the Opera is a popular tourist attraction, as its building and its neo-baroque furnishings, protected by industrial art, fit perfectly among the buildings with a long history in the area. The elegant interior was once frequented by artists such as János Pilinszky, but according to some legends, the members of Nirvana also paid their respects in 1989. Also, Anthony Hopkins visited with his wife many times when he was filming in Budapest.”


“I’ll be honest, so far I’ve been drawn to Művész by the small, old-timey, sitting-out green chairs and dingy brown-walled toilet. That’s why I was very happy when they noticed that we had moved into the 21st century and renovated it a little six months ago. Not even a little. According to the manager, it was not so easy, as it had to be modernized in such a way as not to lose the patina of the place and the regular audience. Obviously. In addition, most of the interior is a national heritage, so you can’t change much, although you don’t really need to. It is enough to return to the roots of 1898, according to our knowledge and taste today. After all, Művész is very beautiful, with its huge chandeliers, elegant wallpaper, beautiful furniture, and this old, patinated cafe atmosphere should not be lost, and of course not only because of the tourists. But it wasn’t just an interior design renovation. The menu has been renewed and the radio is no longer played, but jazz, soul or classical music, and even live swing on Thursdays. And there are other surprises for the unsuspecting visitor. We wouldn’t even imagine, for example, how strong Művész is in cocktails. … Thank God the cakes have remained the same, as my personal favorite the french apple is, but the food selection has expanded, e.g. with mediterranean snacks ..”


“I honestly admit that the first time we wandered into Művész quite by accident. The second time we were definitely heading there, and the third time we brought an acquaintance with us, let him see what’s good. Of course, with the fact that we can’t really talk about art, but rather cute artistry. But that’s good. …. We stumbled upon Művész Café and Bistro by accident. It’s not tucked away at all, it’s Andrássy str. 29, almost opposite the Opera. Of course, the more pleasant meaning of puffing floats in front of us. Nice, friendly little place blessed with warm colors. With all that, it bears all the patina of more than a hundred years of existence: it was once the Szenes Palace, then the Little Gerbeaud, and finally the Művész confectionery. All of this is, of course, protected by industrial art. Accordingly, when you first step through the doors of the cafe built by Lajos Rezső Ray, you are immediately amazed by the neo-renaissance style and the neo-baroque furniture. Everything here is nice: the chairs, the tables, the furniture, the waiters. … We were left with very good impressions: pleasant music, an angelic waitress who, adapting to our lively nature, even engaged in a little chat.
The wines are excellent. Both with regard to temperature and the size of the glass. We managed to serve dry wine as it really should, so even my partner could discover the pleasant side of a dry wine (because my soul like sweet more). The coffees are delicately elegant, even the garnish, not to mention the mulled wine. It comes to us in a cute little jar, with an orange ring, and mouth-watering aromas. Yum! I left my favorite for the end: the cheesecake. My friend! I fell in love! I have rarely come across such a divine, crumbly, creamy cheesecake. With charmingly playful blueberry cream… You know the kind that makes you want to swallow thickly, but almost explodes in your mouth. It’s wonderful! And the tiny cranberry seed on the top of the cake is just as we imagine it in our sweetest dreams. And the base? Compared to the usual sponge cakes in pastry shops, they are foamy and creamy, but actually pleasantly crumbly, a great invention. Luxurious! The prices are not bad at all. Of course, that we take into account the fact that we are at the beginning of Andrássy street. Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Opera .. I love the Művész. I’m not a fan of it, I’m not swooning over it, I’m not averse to it. I simply love it. I would be happy if there were a couple of “dens” where you could hide, the space could be a little more airy and you could correct the many little things that don’t require much effort. Anyway, apart from these, I strongly recommend it to everyone. For a pleasant lunch, breakfast, reading a newspaper, chatting with friends over wine, eating cakes in love, I could even imagine a more elegant date here.

Do you know what reminds me of the Művész? The kind of gentleman whose horribly pleasant voice is matched by an equally pleasant style. He mostly knows etiquette. He always tries to behave like a gentleman and dress accordingly. Nice suit, nice shirt, elegant moves. A real gentleman.”


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