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More than 120 years of history


During our journey, if we were tired, we could sit in the Művész. In the Neo-Renaissance residential building designed by Ray Rezső and built in 1884, the restaurant in the former Szenes Palace functioned under the name Kis-Gerbeaud, then Művész Confectionery.

Today it is officially called Művész Café.

Its late Biedermeier furniture has been protected as an industrial art since 1973. “Although we cannot trace its past back to the astonishing year 1898 engraved on the glass at the entrance, it is a fact that in the 1930s a branch of the Gerbeaud company operated here” – can be read in the book Café Guide. Before the reconstruction, it was only possible to enter the interior salon through the door on the right. During the last change, they tried to transform the coffee house into its old, pre-war version. As you know, they also opened the walled-up left door opposite the front door to restore the former atmosphere and thus make the space more spacious and passable. The wallpaper was refreshed and the chairs were also renovated. They tried to keep and preserve everything, to evoke the authenticity of the period as much as possible. This pastry shop, which dates back to the 19th century, was well-known and popular, embellished with its elegant and valuable furnishings, it was a nice meeting place for the famous artists and audiences of the opera house and theaters in the area, the writing community, and the residents of the area.

If Művész (confectionery, coffee shop, espresso), then Iván Mándy. Iván Mándy made Művész legendary, the “presso”, the fairy presso girls.His family table still has its exact location today, and at that time it was necessary to indicate with a copper plate (with his name on it, of course) that this was his “majesty’s territory”. According to the popular belief, he only came in in the morning (according to other opinions, he came in in the afternoon as well), the board was already on the table, he asked for a newspaper and coffee, and he usually wrote for two or three hours, but mainly he listened the conversation of those around him. In the meantime, it was not allowed to speak to him or disturb him, he only spoke to those he invited.

In the happy times of peace, when Budapest was also a city of coffee houses, the café caricaturist Gatto Nero, real name: Rezső Wittman, also ordered at the same time every night at his regular place, the Művész. All those who wanted to immortalize their portraits in this unique genre came to his table.

A plaque on the wall of the house shows: “On November 22, 1944, Colonel Jenő Nagy and Captain Vilmos Tartsay, members of the military staff of the Liberation Committee of the Hungarian National Uprising, were arrested in this house together with several of their companions. Lieutenant János Messik and ensign Pál Széchenyi died a heroic death here.”


120 years of history surrounds the ornate, elegant coffee house, whose atmosphere reminiscent of the turn of the century touches and impresses everyone. The elegance of the age is combined with modern comfort and real style. To this day, it has preserved its original interior, furnishings, and beautiful chandeliers.

Today, classic gentlemen and ladies, lawyers and artists sit at the tables (each in their “set” time and order), there is a writer who holds his weekly (monthly) reception there.

Nowadays, tourists and young people have also picked up on it and have chosen the place as their regular, which is expanded with a terrace in summer.


Thanks to their expertise and willingness to experiment, our confectioners are at the forefront of discovering new cake creations as well as using traditional, original recipes. If you want real delicacies in a special environment, you’ve come to the right place.
Visit us yourself, enjoy the magical world of MŰVÉSZ, and taste our most popular cakes: Chestnut-cherry boat, Sacher cake Alain Ducasse, Double hazelnut cake, Esterházy slice and our Cremes and Pies. In addition to our extensive selection of drinks, we also offer original French baked goods, locally baked classic salty breakfast snacks, cakes, pastries – even for takeaway – as well as special sandwiches, wraps, and even goulash and main dishes made from Argentinian beef.



– we work with fresh, high-quality ingredients, we do not use aromas
– locally made, artisan cake specialties
– a wide selection of drinks, delicious Caffé Perté coffees
– reliable, consistently high quality
– team of professionals, service-ready, flexible attitude
– intimate, awe-inspiring atmosphere, popular meeting place
– daily fresh newspapers
– excellent for organizing events


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