All of our pastries are made with homemade sponge cake, prepared locally, using a traditional process, without additives. We do not use aromas or dyes. We make our cakes special with various exclusive alcohols. We put together our specialties based on a lot of work, testing, tasting and customer feedback, which we serve with unique creative garnishes. For us, every cake is a poem, into which we put our heart and soul with great care and professional humility. Our goal is to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience and memory, not just a cake. The selection of cakes in the confectionary section, which is renewed daily, not only satisfies the needs of local consumers. In the case of takeaway, we give a 20% discount on our cafe prices.


Apple and walnut cake
Apple and cinnamon pie
Golden dumpling cake
Lemon tarte
Fruit and yogurt dessert
Belgian chocolate cake
Croissant (butter, chocolate)
Dobos cake
Double hazelnut cake
Esterházy cake
White chocolate mousse
French apple cake
Chestnut puree
Chestnut-cherry ship
Homemade cheese and cottage cheese scones
Marzipan chocolate cake

Mascarpone poppy seed cake
Raspberry chocolate bar
Raspberry curd cake
Sour cherry pie
Sour cherry strudel
Orange caramel
Opera coffee bar
“The green gold of Őrség” cake
Punch cake
Rákóczi curd cake
Sacher cake by Alain Ducasse
Cheese and salt sticks
Somló Dumplings
Salted caramel
Vanilla-nut crescents


Fruit Baskets
Homemade Cream
Cream Buns
Beigli (walnut, poppy seed, chestnut)
Fruit Bread
Gerbeaud Cake


You can find us at

1061 Budapest, Andrássy str. 29.


+36 (70) 333-2116
+36 1 343 3544

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Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday:  9:00 - 20:00
Sunday & Holidays:
9:00 - 20:00

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